Volunteering & Membership

Our Volunteers

It would not be possible for the Foodbank to operate successfully without the army of Volunteers who are rostered daily and make up food parcels for those in need. The loyalty and commitment shown by our Volunteers is a true demonstration of the Kapiti community.

Some of our Volunteers have worked at the Foodbank for many years. Despite family commitments they are willing to be flexible as they were during the Covid Pandemic, when they worked extra shifts to ensure those in need received food parcels.

Community Group Support

In May each year The Rotary Club of Kapiti together with Waikanae Rotary Club hold a Food Drive collecting food donated at the doors of local supermarkets for a whole day. Pak n’Save also allow Rotary to have a trailer in store for the preceding week and the week after the event. Each November, The Lions Clubs of Kapiti hold a door to door Food Drive collecting food on behalf of the Foodbank . Each of these events involve a huge number of people who give their time to ensure the Foodbank has stocks of food to give to those in need of food parcels.

Become a Member

The Foodbank shall maintain the minimum number of members required by the Act.
Membership ClassMember: A Member is an individual or body corporate admitted to membership under these Rules and who or which has not ceased to be a Member.Life Member: A Life Member is a person honoured for highly valued services to The Foodbank elected as a Life Member by resolution of a General Meeting passed by a select one majority of those Members present and voting. A Life Member shall have all the rights and privileges of a Member andpage 3 of 19.shall be subject to all the same duties as a Member, except those of paying subscriptions.Honorary Member: An Honorary Member is a person honoured for services to The Foodbank or in an associated field elected as an Honorary Member by resolution of a General Meeting passed by a select one majority of those present and voting. An Honorary Member has no membership rights, privileges or duties.Every applicant for membership must consent in writing to becoming a Member. (Schedule 1. Member Application form).The Board may accept or decline an application for membership. The Board must advise the applicant of its decision (but is not required to provide reasons for that decision).
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