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Who We Are

The foodbank is a community owned organisation operated by the Kapiti Community Foodbank Incorporated Society No. 1009051.

It is also a registered charity – CC26922

The foodbank is operated by a committee with a current membership of seven people, with three executive positions comprising of a Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. 

As required by law we operate under a registered constitution, which is currently undergoing a full review. 

The foodbank administers a service on behalf of its members. 

The members of the foodbank is open to the following services, assuming their principal duties evolve around welfare and social services. They must also have been approved by the committee first.

  • Service clubs
  • Welfare organisations
  • Government agencies
  • Religious organisations
  • Local authority agencies

The daily operations of the foodbank are overseen by an employed manager, who is responsible for delivering services to clients who meet the criteria set down by the committee.


Set Up


Executive  Committee


Foodbank is Open to

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